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I have been a fan of their Social media and tech tips for a long time. I decided to bring my truck 2 1/2 hours away to the Dmax service center for possible injectors. After talking to the Service department, we agreed to a plan of needed repairs and prevent some future ones. Last week I picked my truck up, and it runs better than it did brand new. These guys are the most professional/clean shop I have ever been to, let alone they know your GM Duramax inside and out. You can see the attention to detail of everything they touched and repaired. Don't hesitate to use Dmax service center if you need some advise or work done.   Thank you Dmax service for taking care of my baby. 

Charlie & Trish Haggerty

Quality people and service. Spoke with Robbie on the phone describing my check engine light and reduced power mode while towing my camper nearby. He allowed me to have it towed in and have it diagnosed around my scheduled stay in the area. They diagnosed and fixed the problem allowing me to tow my camper back home 175 miles away. Awesome, knowledgeable and caring group of professionals. 

Mike Thornton

We started taking our 2003 GMC Duramax LB7 here about a year and a half ago. It needed the typical injector replacement that these LB7s tend to require every 100,000 miles (if you're lucky). We also opted in for the Air Dog filters to be installed; this prolongs the life of the injectors. There were a couple of other items that needed attention, and we decided to get those done as well; suspension, power steering. In the past year, we've also had emissions issues, chirping noises, and water pump failures all addressed by the folks at the Dmax Store, and all the service has been stellar!

I've had conversations with Kevin, Robbie, Chad, and Nick, and you couldn't ask for a better group of guys to handle your Duramax questions or issues! They're all knowledgeable, they listen carefully and address your concerns with the expertise you'd expect from an honest garage/shop. They also return phone calls promptly!

I waited a while to write this review because I know just one experience is not always an accurate gauge on how consistently a business operates. Rest assured, this operation is consistently outstanding! I drive about 100 miles to get there, and I wouldn't take it anywhere else unless I had no other choice. I believe excellent Diesel mechanics are hard to come by, and even though I drive a good distance to get there, I feel lucky it's this close to me! 

Bill Davis

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